The foundation of Athletic Performance should begin with good Nutrition no matter the sport!

Why is GOOD nutrition vital to an athlete?:

•Growth / Development (young athletes)
•Recovery and repair of muscles
•Immune system (fights disease)
•Focus and concentration
•Endurance / Energy

Hydration Facts: “5% dehydration decreases performance by 40%

•One of the first signs of dehydration is fatigue, tiredness on the course will lead to bad shots.
•Studies have found even low levels of dehydration consistently had negative effect on mood.
•Certain ‘performance drinks’ drinks that we are led to believe improve performance may actually cause dehydration
•Not enough water leads to feelings of:

-less energy,
-headaches and loss of focus,
-impaired cognition/concentration

Blood Sugars control our energy levels.

A high in blood sugar results in a high in energy levels. After a high always comes a LOW!

•For golf we need controlled / constant blood sugars – this will give us good focus, concentration, and constant energy.
•Some of the foods we think are good and increase our energy levels may actually be the ones negatively affecting our energy levels and performance

Increase your performance with an on course dietary plan.

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