Often documented that between 66% & 72% of your game is played from 100yds and below, does your allocated practice time allow for this?

“Learn simple steps to lower you’re scoring”

If no then may be need you to re-focus, your time is something we can’t get back so maximizing your practice sessions is paramount, we at JFG will simplify your short game with a series of drills and scoring systems to give you instant feedback, you can then increase the difficulty of these drills.

Key areas we covered:

  • Lofts/lie/bounce match within your equipment
  • Review your strengths & weaknesses
  • Simplify your technique
  • Learn to control the speed of the ball
  • Control trajectory and spin with clubs
  • Increase your conversion rate of up & downs
  • Lift your confidence on the course

Start now improving now by entering the “Scoring Zone”

Individual 30 minutes £23.00
Individual 60 minutes £40.00

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