Putting is a game within the game. I have been fortunate to spend time with some putting tour coaches, observed players and have been exposed to some interesting methods

Putting School – “42% with one club”

Through the use of technology we can determine the correct loft, strike we require to get the ball rolling as soon as possible. Knowing what the ball is doing we can build a putter and stroke to achieve this roll.

3 keys decisions we review with all students.

1)     What’s the borrow?

Reading the borrow is a skill that is developed with practice over a long period of time, the tour players we watch will review the putt in question from many angles or positions, looking at the undulations of the green of the entry of the ball into the cup.

2)     Am I lined up with the borrow?

You could be a great green reader but then aligning yourself with this is key, good check point is to place a marker between your ball and the cup on the line of borrow, if correct your ball will travel over this on route into the cup.

3)     How hard do I need to hit the ball to ensure it reaches the cup?

This is where art comes in to play, down to feel, a good test is to putt with your eyes closed to test your ability to judge distance control, if you’ve got the borrow and your aligned with this then given correct pace you will hole more putts. Always work if you miss then approx. 30cm past is great pace control.

Areas covered in your putting session:

·       Technique
·       Putter style to match stroke
·       Correct loft
·       Selective drills
·       Footage holed

60 minutes £40.00

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