My Players Program at JFG is exactly what is says on the tin, three keys areas are accessed before we map out your pathway or blueprint to maximize your potential.

Equipment Assessment: approx. 15mins

  • Current assessment
  • Custom Fitting
  • Set make up
  • Ball Fitting

TPI Screening: approx. 15mins
This consists of various physical screens:

  • Pelvic tilt
  • Torso rotation
  • Lower body rotation
  • Overhead deep squat
  • Toe touch
  • 90 – 90 shoulder test in golf as well
  • Single leg balance
  • Lat test
  • Upper & Lower quarter test
  • Glute bridge
  • Reach roll & lift

Video Capture:

  • Four different angles of slow motion capture

Once we have collated these findings in your 1 hour assessment we can set you on the correct pathway for you. There is no time frame on this program, this can range from 3 months to an ongoing process moving from the “teaching phase” to “coaching phase” of your personalized program.

Cost of Assessment: £40.00

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