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JFGolf offers a comprehensive and very successful junior golf lessons in Nottingham.

Two areas I have come across over years of junior development are parents & coaches placing too much pressure or demands on the athlete in question.

  1. Parents and coaches believe their child or student will be the next great thing
  2. Parents and coaches believe success is only possible with early specialization.

We know that Golf places strong emphasis on standards of behavior and can develop personal skills such as honesty, respect, co-operation, perseverance, concentration and self-motivation – which will help them through their youth and into adulthood, personal achievement and lifelong participation in sport.

Kids are constantly changing. Growth spurts, attitude adjustments, and developing personalities make it challenging to keep up. As a parent or coach it is important to remember first and foremost: kids are kids, so let them be just that. Kids are full of curiosity, passion for the small things, and are learning an amazing amount of knowledge each day! As you grow older, you become less curious, and less prone to take the risks that come from learning at times.

At JFGolf we follow these principles:

Put yourself in their shoes:

Think of the language you pitch your information across, more importantly make it FUN, sometimes you have to be a kid yourself.

Let them fall:

Don’t be afraid to let the fail, they will learn from this and will sit the memory bank for next time.

Avoid negativity:

Recognize their success and often you will point the fault as you are only trying to help.

Let them play:

Think about what you used to do for fun as a child. Was it video games, or going to amusement parks? For most of us, it was climbing trees, playing catch in the park, and just simply jumping around, making up games of our own. What happened to this mentality? Kids have the opportunity to become great athletes right in their own backyard. We just need to give them the opportunity to do so.

Have patience:

Just like anything else that is worth it, progression in athletics can take time.

Track progression

Track progression as it will allow you to measure your child’s development and help them recognize their improvements but keeps their motivation moving forward.

Learn your athlete’s motivators:

Understand what make them tick.

Live the example you set:

Being a parent or coach, we spend a lot of time handing out advice to our children about how and what to be. In order for this advice to be genuinely listened to, we need to “walk our talk.” If we are preaching about having honest, genuine, and sportsman like qualities, we need to be setting this example in our daily actions. Remember that kids watch everything you do, hear everything you say, and will shape them based on what they see in the way you carry yourself.

To get your young athlete on the right pathway book now.

30 minutes £15.00
60 minutes £30.00

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