Teach the player – NOT a method

Having the passion for teaching and learning, I find great satisfaction in seeing a player improve, whatever their standard of play, and maximize the most of their ability.

At JFG one on one lessons are delivered to players of all abilities. Each player is access on a case by case basis as we all learn differently, move differently and built differently, as the old saying goes one size does not fit all in golf. So we aim to keep things simple and make what you do more efficient based on your body frame, learning style and movement pattern.

Golfers can readily access information through various sources which can lead to hindering their development so my aim is to educate golfers through a clear coaching style, good understanding of the fundamentals they require to develop mapped out on your own personal practice plan. Using a range of drills and information that can benefit all levels of player we can create a blueprint which allows you to control the ball.

Seeing is “believing” so the use of video analysis is a great tool to back up the information we tell you, as much as golf is a science there is an Art to it as well.

30 minutes £23.00
60 minutes £40.00
Purchase 5 lessons receive 6 free

30 minutes £25.00 (x2 sharing)
60 minutes £45.00 (x2 sharing)

Junior 30 minute £15.00
Junior 60 minute £30.00

To enquire about individual golf lessons in Nottingham please use my contact form.

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