“Having had the good fortune to travel the world and collate information I have found there is no one way to swing a golf club, basic good fundamentals allow me to develop a golfer, coupled with a good mental approach”

– Jason Froggatt

My primary role as an instructor is not only to understand the golf swing and how it works but understand the pupil and then convey the information in a manner that helps achieve each and everyone’s goals. My role as a coach is very different in trying to maximize the pupil’s performance in many different ways through holistical approach, corrective practice, and solid metal approach.

His straightforward approach is based on the philosophy of simplifying the fundamentals, from experience at all levels, Jason has recognised that players need consistency and that this is best achieved by simplifying aspects of the game that can often become over complicated. If you are an existing player or new to the game and looking to develop all aspects of your game to your maximum potential  then please email …………….

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