I started my golf career as Trainee Golf Professional at Bulwell Forest Golf Club in Nottinghamshire, England under the guidance of PGA Professional Chris Hall.

On successfully completing my PGA exams in 1993 I gained a coveted position with The De Vere Belfry golf team as Golf Professional.  I was soon promoted to Head Assistant before taking on the challenging position of Senior Teaching Professional where my primary role was to maintain the high teaching standards whilst being proactive in improving the knowledge and skills of the professional team.

During my tenure at The Belfry I grasped numerous opportunities to enhance my knowledge of the golf business and was actively involved in golf operations including retail, golf services and tournaments.  My main focus remained coaching where I developed, implemented and conducted numerous corporate, junior and specialist groups through the PGA National Teaching Academy.  My proficiency with coaching programmes such as the V1 coaching, Taylormade’s Hi-Tec Motion Analysis Technology & SAM – Science & Motion Putting Technology have added another dimension to my coaching standards.

Dubai was a great opportunity to use my experience and become part of a first class operation at the Middle East’s premier venue.  My primary role was to set up and create the best ‘Academy’ in the region, implementing the best facilities and building the best team was instrumental to making this work.

Jason’s approach and dedication to coaching, and its development, is evident through his attitude to refining and increasing his thirst for knowledge where he has participated in numerous coaching seminars hosted by golf industry greats such as David Leadbetter, Butch Harmon, John Jacobs, Denis Pugh, Harold Swash, Jim McLean, Tim Barter and sports psychologist Dr. John F. Mathers BED (Hons) MED.

All this experience has allowed me to be an active contributor to many media publications and broadcasting in both UK & Middle East for the past 15 years.  I’m is also an accredited PGA referee and PGA Tutor and Examiner.


“Having had the good fortune to travel the world and collate information I have found there is no one way to swing a golf club, basic good fundamentals allow me to develop a golfer, coupled with a good mental approach”

– Jason Froggatt

My primary role as an instructor is not only to understand the golf swing and how it works but understand the pupil and then convey the information in a manner that helps achieve each and everyone’s goals. My role as a coach is very different in trying to maximize the pupil’s performance in many different ways through holistical approach, corrective practice, and solid metal approach.

His straightforward approach is based on the philosophy of simplifying the fundamentals, from experience at all levels, Jason has recognised that players need consistency and that this is best achieved by simplifying aspects of the game that can often become over complicated. If you are an existing player or new to the game and looking to develop all aspects of your game to your maximum potential  then please email …………….

Courses Attended

1995 – The Belfry, England.
National teaching Conference
With Dr. Gary Wiren, Patti McGowen, John Jacobs

1996 – The Belfry, England.
National teaching Conference
With Tim Barter, Peter Cowan, Dr. Ralph Mann

1997 – Atalaya Park, Spain
European teaching Conference
With Denis Pugh, John Jacobs, Harold Swash, Jim Christine

1998 – New Orleans, USA
World Teaching Summit (no certificate supplied)
With Butch Harmon, Randy Smith, Jimmy Ballard, Jim Flick

1999 – Malaga, Spain
European Teaching Conference
With Randy Smith, Chuck Cook, Jim Mclean, Denis Pugh, Dick Coop

2000 – The Belfry, England
PGA National Referees School
With Iain Burns and Stephen Cox

2000 – The National Coaching Foundation
The Successful Coach
Evaluate sessions effectively; examine your ethical & legal responsibilities as a coach.

2000 – The National Coaching Foundation
Coaching Young Performers
Physical growth & child development, identifying elite performers from a young age.

2000 – The National Coaching Foundation
Good Practices & Child Protection.
Inappropriate training methods – bullying based on gender, constant criticism.

2000 – The National Coaching Foundation
Improving Practices & Skills
Adopt practices, present feedback effectively & encourage feedback.

2000 – The Belfry, England
Presentation Skills
Communication, know your audience, lay out etc.

2000 – The Belfry, England
England Coaching Seminar (with Keith Williams National Coach)
A coach’s role, technical analysis, EGU coaching programmes and junior golf.

2000 – The Alexander Athletic Stadium
Disability Awareness Training Day.
Social versus the medical model of disability, empowerment exercise,
Disabled people in a sporting environment.

2001 – The Belfry, England
Advanced Referees School
Iain Burns, Steve Cox and John Paramor (European Tour)

2001 – The Belfry, England
Coaching Seminar (Peter Cowan, Europe’s number 1 coach)
Shape and plane of swing, Gym work, rhythm – routine – timing.

2002 – The Belfry, England
Sports Psychology and Golf Performance Seminar Dr John Mathers
Stress/Performance, imagery, thought control, goal setting etc…

2002 – The Belfry, England
PGA Assessor Coaching Awards / Sports Coach UK
Coach Educator ‘v’ Coach Assessor,Validity and Reliability.

2002 – The Belfry, England
Art and Science of Coaching Conference
Ramsey McMaster (Technical or Physical)
Rob Neal (Biomechanical Principles to Improve Performance)
David Leadbetter (One of the World’s Leading Coaches)

2003 – The Belfry, England
Advanced Referees School
Steve Cox, Kevin Feeney and Mark Cawthorne (British PGA)
2003 – The Belfry, England
Coaching Seminar (Jim Christine, Head of Swing – British PGA)
Analysing swing characteristics or faults with tour players.

2003 – Celtic Manor Resort, England
Redbull Coaching Seminar
Butch Harmon
Michael Hebron
Denis Pugh

2004 – The Belfry, England
Coaching Seminar (Peter Cowan, Europe’s number 1 coach)
Pyramid of Learning, loft ‘v’ open, effective use of bounce

2004 – The Belfry, England
Redbull Master Class Seminar
The Harmon Brothers
Guy Delecave – European Tour Unit
Scott Cranfield

2005 – The Belfry, England
Coaching Seminar – Claude Harmon III
Analyzing Putting Stats
Short Game Techniques

2006 – Jumeirah Beach Hotel, Dubai, UAE
GolfEx – Golf in Arabia – Greg Sproule/Mark Chapleski
Suppliers for growing markets – Hydro turf
Managing Champions – Mark Steinberg
Shaping the Game: Golf in the media – Mike Galemore

2006 – Bescott Stadium,  England
PGA Teaching & Coaching Conference
Jim Suttie – Swing ‘v’ Body Types
Dave Phillips – Titleist Performance Institute
Bill Beswick – Talented athletes from other sports

2006 – Arabian Ranches, Dubai, UAE
Fitness for Golf – Ramsey McMaster
Player Screening
Injury Prevention
Biomechanical Principles to Improve Performance

2007 – Jumeirah Beach Hotel, Dubai, UAE
GolfEx – The R & A Duncan Weir
Golf Course Management – Troon/IMG/Rod Bogg
Making Sponsorships Work Harder for the Client – Guy Kinnings

2007 – Four Seasons GC, Dubai, UAE
GMI – Player Management
Scouting Young Talent/Elite Athletes

2007 – Arabian Ranches GC, Dubai, UAE
Coach Me – Joanne Simpson
High Performance Coaching
Coaching a Winning Mindset

2008 – Golf Ex Dubai, UAE
Coaching for the future – Junior Development
Joe Louis Barrow – First Tee Program
Creating a breeding ground for success – Peter Mattsson
Ernie Els Foundation – Phil Cotton

2008 – Rioch Stadium, England
National Coaching & Teaching Conference
Bob Torrance – Teach the Player NOT the Method
Sir Clive Woodward – Olympic Programme 2012
Chuck Cook – ‘Bench Mark Swing

2008 – Four Seasons GC, Dubai, UAE
Robert Baker – US/European Tour Coach
Logical Golf Approach
Paint the Picture
Bio Mechanic Feedback

2008 – Arabian Ranches GC, Dubai, UAE
Coach Me Part II – Joanne Simpson
Creating a Winning Mindset

2009 – Emirates GC, Dubai, UAE
Rules & Tournament Referring – Barney Coleman
Simplifying the use of the Rule Book
An awareness of how the Rules are written
How to solve a ruling
Educating golfers the use of the book to their advantage

2009 – Al Badia GC, Dubai, UAE
Putting Philosophy – Mr Kramski
Dominant eye/ball position in relation to body
Shoulders Rotation – Natural Choice Routines

2010 – Al Badia GC, Dubai, UAE
Taylormade European Tour –
Loft v Shaft Types
Tour Pros v Club Players
Spin Rates for course Conditions

2010 – Al Badia GC, Dubai, UAE
Troon Golf – Mark Chapleski
Financial Management within Clubs
Data Collection – Analyzing Competitors

2011 – The Belfry, England
Titleist Performance Institute Golf Pro Level 1 – Greg Rose & Mark Blackburn
Physical Screening
Golf fitness, health & biomechanics

2012 – The Belfry, England
Titleist Performance Institute Junior TPI  – Dennis McDade & Milo Bryant
Long Term Athletic Development Program /Junior Physical Screening
Kinematic Sequencing/capture methods/data analysis/3D Motion


City & Guilds in Leisure & Recreation 1988

PGA Qualified – 1993

PGA Qualified Advanced Referee – 2000

PGA Swing – 2001

PGA Tutor / Mentor – 2003

PGA Fellow of the PGA – 2005

TPI Certified Level 1 – 2011

TPI Junior Certified Level 2 – 2012

Past & Current Instruction

·      Staffordshire Boys & 2nd Team Coach
·      Staffordshire Seniors Coach
·      Warwickshire Girls Coach
·      Warwickshire Ladies Coach
·      Derbyshire Boys Coach
·      Loughborough University Team Coach
·      On-going development of the largest junior academy in the U.K.
·      Golf Club Pfaffing Munich East Germany 1st Team Coach
·      E.L.G.A. – England Girls Coaching with Tim Barter – Sky T.V.
·      Today’s’ Golfer Magazine Instructor Editor 1998 – 2004
·      Noel Radcliffe – European Seniors Tour
·      Tom Whitehouse – Challenge Tour
·      Sam Walker – Challenge Tour – Current
·      Wade Ormsby – Challenge/European Tour
·      Steve Webster – European Tour – Current
·      PGA Swing Examiner  – Current
·      PGA Swing Tutor/Mentor – Current
·      Middle East Golfer Magazine Instruction Editor – 2006 – 2011
·      Middle East Instructor of the Year – 2008
·      Middle East Instructor of the Year – 2009
·      UAE National Team Development Coach – Current
·      Golf Digest – Middle East Instruction Editor – 2009 – to date
·      Titleist Performance Institute Certified Level 1 – 2011
·      Titleist Performance Institute Certified Junior Level 2 – 2012

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